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    Karma Panaracer Fire XC pro amberwalls 2.1 ~ KARMA'D AND GONE!

    And gone! Karma'd within 5 mins! ...that's got to be some sort of record! :p Cheers. boy"O"boy
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    Karma Panaracer Fire XC pro amberwalls 2.1 ~ KARMA'D AND GONE!

    Hi all. As title. Was going to bin these but thought I'd see if someone here wants them for gratis. One is useable, one has a split in the sidewall that could perhaps be patched to keep you rolling? Both are Kevlar folding amberwall- tread not too bad but definitely showing signs of use! I'll...
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    bowser feedback.

    Just had a Nice transaction with bowser on a GT jersey. Posted quickly and good comms all the way. Very pleased. Cheers. boy"O"boy
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    boy"O"boy's 1991 Raleigh Dynatech Endeavour x2!!

    Just to give Gtpulse his daily fix!! ..... Here is today's update... Campagnolo Centaur parts collection assembled! .....realised after I took the picture and the weather turned that I hadn't included the NOS Campagnolo Centaur seatpost....but as I've got to get a shim made for this and I'm...
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    boy"O"boy's 1991 Raleigh Dynatech Endeavour x2!!

    Cheers! Appreciate the following - I've also been updating progress on Instagram too. I see it like a tutorial really....I like to add the detail of how I achieved that result and to show you can do it yourself at home. Painting, wheel building, and assembly are things I've taught myself...
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    Raleigh Dyna-Tech Voyager

    Looks great! Good starting point improved massively by the Vetta saddle. Slightly 'larger' saddle designs seem to work well on Dynatechs. Just bought a pair of Campagnolo crank caps for my Endeavour #2 build. If someone had told me a couple of years ago that I'd have to pay £25 for a...
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    boy"O"boy's 1991 Raleigh Dynatech Endeavour x2!!

    Thanks to all that voted for Endeavour #1 in this month's bonded special. Going through Feb '91 MBUK today and found this ad with prices...looks like there was already a discounted price below RRP at Noahs Ark! ....and an issue with typo! 🤓
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    boy"O"boy's 1991 Raleigh Dynatech Endeavour x2!!

    So. Time to get the wheels build up. An identical set to Endeavour #1....NOS Campagnolo Contax on Centaur hubs. Tyres are NOS Tioga Wonderdawgs. Slight pause in progress due to not being able to get the clearcoat done for a couple of weeks (not doing this part in the garden!) ....but chance...
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    BoTM Botm August 2021 - bonded special. Cast your votes

    Congrats to ronezwun on the win 🏆 Thanks again to all that voted. Especially those who like the Endeavour! Another Bridesmaid entry for '21. Interestingly (or not depending on your take) when this appeared in a normal month - June 2020, it received exactly the same amount of votes! ....but...
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    boy"O"boy's 1991 Raleigh Dynatech Endeavour x2!!

    Cheers davo. I'll keep the updates coming! Cheers Ibbz. Here's a bit more progress.... Yep! - all done in the garden. I'm going to have the clearcoat done at work as the finish will be better. Here's where I'm at today. The pink Mica 💗 is now on. Was left to dry overnight and then the...
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    For Sale Repro - MIG (IRD, Ringle, Bullseye, Cook, Syncros, Fat, WTB)

    Put me down for another 27.2mm Syncros post please Tom. Very pleased with the one you sold me for my Klein. Got another build on-going deserving of one of these! Cheers boy"O"boy
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    For Sale Gt short sleeve top SOLD

    PM sent. Cheers. boy"O"boy
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    For Sale REDUCED Manitou fs, Marin pine frs. Taperlite bars, Fred salmon carbon bars

    Would have loved to go for the RC200 but don't have the cash right now. I've donated with "my round" instead. Best wishes. boy"O"boy 👍
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    Ridgeback 704XT 19" frame

    Yeah. I remember that one. Was tempted myself but as I already own a complete one, couldn't justify a 2nd! That was the last one I saw available. Must be at least a couple of years since one has come up for sale. 🤔 Pricey...
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    Ridgeback 704XT 19" frame Not mine.... Needs the all important Tange switchblade but good basis/ original paint. Cheers. boy"O"boy