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    Specialized XC Comp

    Progress...years later.
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    Progress on the bike barn/man cave

    The wife said my speakers are too big for the house so I decided to set this up in my bike barn. She probably won't be seeing me much now🤘
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    Boulder Starship

    Looks great al. Such a iconic bike.
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    show your beach cruiser/clunker/chillout ride...

    Re: My pub cruiser.
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    1997 Kona ManoMano

    Re: Man-O-Man (O) Cool bike. Bonus points for the color.
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    1992 Cannondale M1000 update

    Very nice. These M series bikes are rare in this condition. It's a keeper for sure..
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    Offroad Pro-flex 862

    This cleaned up nice. How does it ride?
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    Greetings from Arkansas - Land of OZ + M2 Stumpy

    I wouldn't change a thing on that bike. Those Gravity forks are very rare and fit the bike well. It looks like it was never ridden.
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    Marin Bear Valley SE - weekend kid seat build

    Re: Nice!!! The old Marin's are getting harder to find here in the northwestern US.
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    My Klein Mantra carbon project

    I used a 1.5 to 1 1/8 reducer from problem solvers.
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    1989 Merlin Mtn Titanium with Full WTB and "Rubber Fork"

    Very tastefully done. I did a resto-mod build with my Merlin check it out in my signature.
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    Fires in Oregon

    Thanks guy's for the encouraging comments. This was literally the scariest thing I have had to deal with. I was looking off our back deck at a mountain range about a mile away and the fire crested the ridgeline with flames about 100ft tall. Going into the barn and trying to decide which bikes...
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    1989 Trimble Inverse-4

    I wish I could find one of these.
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    1991 Mountain Goat Deluxe

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    Fires in Oregon

    So my wife and I had to evacuate do to a very large fire near our home. I could only take two bikes so I loaded up my Merlin and her Gary Fisher Mt. TAM. Very depressing hope we don't lose everything.