WTD: Some advice on pricing Shimano groupset


Devout Dirtbag
Hi all,

I'm about to take delivery of a Colnago Super that has a complete Shimano 600 Ultegra groupset. I intend to strip the groupset from the bike and replace it with a campag Nuovo or Super record, whichever I can feasibly get a hold of (if anyone has one for £400 or less then please let me know).

What I would like to know is how much the shimano would go for - included in the set are: Front and Rear derailleur, crankset, pedals, integrated shifter brake levers, brakes, hubs on Mavic rims, and bottom bracket. For good measure theres a Selcof seatpost, Stronglight Delta headset and an SR stem.



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For some bizzare reason they seem to fetch FA, I don't know why as it is a cracking groupset albeit the rear mech is considered ugly, I have one in mostly NOS or pristine condition but I have delayed selling it because of this.
As a matter of interest is it 6400/ 01/02 or 03 or a mixture? the stronglight deltas fetch (or at least ask good money for them) I have a NOS one.


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I’m not sure, it’s currently on its way from the Netherlands. I thought I might try and get £200 or so for it to try and recoup a bit of money back. Will update when I receive it


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Depends on condition but with wheels probably about 200, maybe 250 with the seat post, headset, and all the other bits