Wanted WTD: Octalink V1 bottom bracket, 73mm BB shell.


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I'm not sure what spindle length I need, either 112.5mm or greater I'd imagine.
What other sizes do they come in? 116mm? 118mm?

I'm trying to put a Ritchey WCS compact crankset on a GT timberline.
I have a 109.5mm 68mm version here, but I think the back of the crank arms are going strike the chainstays.


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The mtb v1 bbs were xtr only and came in 112.5 and 116 lengths. Bb is compatible with both 68 or 73mm bb shell widths. M950 or m952 bbs will be what you need. M950 is a serviceable unit with cages ball and roller bearings. M952 is sealed.

I happen to have an m950 unit in my stash. I was going to use it on a build to save me from using a nos m952 I also have,

If you are interested in the m950, let me know. Its 112.5. Pics below. Has been cleaned recently as I was going to use it, just needs greasing up.


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I have one sitting unloved,it is BB for 73mm shell 118mm long,only one BB cup though.
You could certainly use the old cup. It is very smooth,pm me if you want it for a spare,I will never use it.