Would you class this as new or NOS?

This has been on for ages. He was selling a few of them, different lengths. Pricing seems destined to tap into the knuckle draggers in the retro DH market rather than us more refined and sophisticated types..
Ahem, I take offence at being called a knuckle dragger :p

But no need to pay over the odds, I just grab up tatty stuff and make it work... Errrm, hang on that's a bit knuckle dragger-ish isn't it. Ooo Ooo Aaa Aaa.... :D

Also, seller's feedback included this stem in the last 6 months (positive feedback, comment "top") so I suspect shill activity too.
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NOS .. its just clickbait so it appears in everyone's feeds... Most people don't even know what it stands for anyway. However .. as they are a business seller they probably wouldn't want to risk the slapping you get from ebay for misrepresenting an item. .. so it actually could well be.
It just might be NOS - he's a business seller so it's possible, but it's well knocked around!
Buying off an Ebay seller with feedback of 98% often ends in disappointment.
Don't we all know this?
I would say 99%+ means acceptable - once you're down to 95 it's either stroppy entitled kids(of any age😉) in their bedroom or a China based seller with a fake uk address who can't even be bothered to buy enough fake reviews to keep them looking genuine.
For some reason, the delivery time often flags that one up.
We should only pay top money for quality stuff off trustworthy people.