Why has no-one outed this.......


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It will only increase in value, they aren't making anymore like this and others are either long gone or going that way. Current price reflects only what some people are prepared to pay, but others are yet to bid and will see that price and chuckle, they probably spend more that on a bottle of wine with their lunch. I wouldn't be surprised if it hits £2k.
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How to deal with such sales

' Hi there
Do you have a buy it now price in mind ?. I realize its an old bike and needing work done so I wont be causing you any problems afterwards, I just need a bike to get about on. I can pick it up at your convenience, just name a time and I can come straight over, cash in hand. Say about £250 ?'

" why has no one outed this "


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1991 with original spec Team colours including the camag decal on the forks minus a SRAM rear mech and black electrical tape was always going to be worth £1300 of anyones money.

Check this model recently sold in last 6 months you wont find any and 1990 models are making 3k

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