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As a newbie to the world of building a Retrobike, to return to stock the bike I am rebuilding would need Mavic 238 rims with STX RC hubs. So unless by some miracle I find a set of NOS wheels, Obviously I will need to buy some used rims, which in the main I assume can be refurbished if I remove all the spokes, and have the wheels rebuilt, which may be something beyond my pay grade. So a few questions....is it likely I might come across some NOS 236 rims with STX-RC hubs ? What would it cost If I had a wheel builder build a pair of wheels if I supplied the rims and hubs? Could I have a go at building them myself ? TIA
Spokes are around £30-40 depending on type. As you are getting them made specially I would go with double butted with brass nipples. You could get spangly anodised aluminium ones to match your frame though. From what I recall, 238s were very midrange rims which tended not to get sold so much aftermarket, so may be hard to find other than built up. You will probably have to buy a couple of front wheels as the rears always wear worse.

A decent shop wheelbuilder would probably charge £50-ish, depending on whether they have more profitable things to do with their time.

There are plenty of wheelbuilding threads here. It's not hard provided you are methodical. You could even go half and half and build up leaving a shop to finish the truing.
I wouldn't go for NOS parts. Find a good condition rim and hub on ebay or similar, use an online spoke calculator, order the spokes and watch a few videos and how to lace it all together. It's a fun weekend project.
In addition to the above, I’d bargain on wheelbuild labour being a bit more than £50 for a pair of wheels, especially if you are supplying used parts which a) means no mark up these parts for the builder/shop and b) they can be significantly harder to build with depending on the condition.

Imo if you’re paying for wheels to get built then you want them to last. Using second hand rims probably isn’t the best way to go for this. There’s loads of 26” rim brake rims available still so you could find something which might not be period correct but will certainly look it. SJS probably has something that’ll suit.

If you want to undertake building then yourself, Cycle Basket are the cheapest place I’ve found for (decent) spokes at about a tenner a wheel but they use UPS to deliver them and they are useless round here so I usually go with Spa Cycles who are a bit more expensive but have a lot more choice and they send with Royal Mail.
Incidentally I have some Stx-rc hubs going spare and could probably source some spokes too. As others had said the 238 was at the lower end of the mavic range and not long after was replaced by something else (I wanna say the x221?). Complete wheels do come up every so often and I think the Stx-rc bubble has popped now so prices are very reasonable.

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I'm incredibly grateful for all the useful advice above. However yesterday fate took over. I was able to buy a rear wheel, with the correct rim and hub, as well as a Panaracer tyre, in great condition, just needing a clean and a regrease of the hub, locally, which is always a bonus, for the princely sum of £15.00 This means I will now scan the ads for a used original front wheel whilst considering going retromod at some point in the future by replacing the original parts of the bike with some more contemporary parts. In the meantime trailstar82, I will take a look at your STX parts. Here is a pic of my frame....


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Someone on here is bound to have a front wheel…there’s too many hoarders and skip divers who can’t bear to see a good bike go to waste. I suggest you put a wanted add up for the front. https://www.retrobike.co.uk/forums/mtb-wanted.3/

And of course start a build thread, be good to see how that frame turns out 👍 :cool:
This is such a great site, so much help, incredibly active participants.