Retro Trek mtb 26inch wheels .... where to find/ what to replace with


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Hi there,

I am relatively new to mtb, I have a Trek 6700 that I bought new in 2007 and having just got back into trail riding took it into my local trek store today for some advice on rear tyre upgrades.... was advised to replace the rear wheel immediately as due to a previous dent in the rim there is a kink and the tyre is wearing away the frame. It has probably worn 0.5mm of the frame away.

Only problem is the 26 inch wheels are looking to be pretty hard to find online.

If anyone had any advice/ could suggest some options I would be really grateful.

The wheels are bontrager select disc (at least thats what it says on them) with a 9 cassette on there. In a perfect world I would keep it all matching and rebuild from a new rim but also mad keen to keep riding so replacing the wheelset now and rebuilding at a later date would be cool too. Also, I am guessing a new set may be cheaper too!

Much appreciated. Thanks.
Sounds like the wheel just needs truing? Take it to another shop and ask them.
Thanks for the reply. Its been to different places over the years (the dent was done 10 years ago) and it cant be fully straightened. As the useage has now changed it seems to be more of a problem.
Pop a picture up if you can.
Thanks. I have got the rim but as it was raining I didnt take the wheel off to show where the paint and alloy has rubbed away. I know it says front on the tyre but it is on the rear - I put a maxxis dhf on and put the original front on the rear to save a few quid. I only took it out like that once before taking it to the shop. And yep that is a 16 year old trye! I only swapped the tubes last week when when I did the tyres too :)


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That is quite a sizeable dent, and likely the shop is being cautious about saying you need a new rim/wheel.

You definitely don't want a wheel that's wearing away the frame.
You might turn up a secondhand wheel, you could use this front one to swap with it maybe if number of spokes etc is correct?

There's a rim in Europe at a quick glance too

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I've got a set of 26" wheelset disc wheelset - Alex rims on no-name hubs that you can have for cheap if you like.

sounds like maybe the new rear tyre is a bit wider than the last one?
If that were mine, first check would be how straight it runs. A dent in the rim doesn't always mean the wheel is not true.

If it's fairly true, I'd be tempted to try and straighten the dent out a bit as suggested. Don't over do it and take it slow and steady to avoid damaging or splitting the rim. Basically gentle, small steps rather than one big movement to straighten.

If the wheel is fairly true, the rubbing may be down to the tyre being a bit too wide for the frame, or even not sitting straight in the drop outs.

Replacement wheel wise, there are plenty of used and decent sets out there. I've got a few lurking in the garage that may be surplus.