What's this GT then? Avalanche, Aggressor, Zaskar.


Retro Guru
So I bought this as a frame only many years ago being told it was a Zaskar! I don't think so. The frame Number starts with a H so that makes it Taiwan made. It's a great bike and handled well when it was last built up but what is it REALLY?
I put the stickers on and yes those are original Mint Sauce stickers from a 92 edition of MBUK I had kept all these years, Priceless! It's signed by Guy Martin too. Got a pic of him with it somewhere. Anyhow is there any way of telling what it is?


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Pantera? Just a guess. I’m pretty sure the 92 pantera had a flat end cap on the top tube. Not sure the serial number is 92 though? Think the pantera was 7005, it polishes up better than 6061 from memory.