What year is this yeti?


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work colleague brought it to my attention ... he was having a sniff but getting no response to his questions from seller


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& the back ends were pretty flexible as they're pivoting off the tiny shock shaft.... & the chainstay yoke has a rep for cracking


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Ah, it be '97 Mike ;-)
That said, as we know, the smaller companies like Yeti never really did the year-on-year updates like the big-boys so a lot of the models blurred the years.
There is a catalogue scan on the Yetifan site. It's a pretty large file, so download may take a while:

I think the anecdote you told me Mike when talking to Chris Conroy went something like:
"Tell me about the AS-3"
"Yeah, sorry about that".

That said, I've always thought it was quite a pretty bike, particularly as I like the look of the yokes. Very similar parallels to a Manitou in all respects though.