What is your favourite retro Fork?


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Was just about to mention the gorgeous Judy FSX, and I simply adored the Pace RC36 pro class back in the day but I've never ever had a pair!

Judy's however, I scored a pair of them when I bought my jmc S-Works a few years back and they look fantastic I reckon!


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Yes, many forks of the 90´s looks nice but perform very bad.

I have change the fork in my Marin, the Z2 looks quite nice and at least works fine. for 30-40km rides this bicycle is ok.



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Difficult choice...
My favourite in suspension vintage forks ? RS1


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24pouces":2mvwk4a6 said:
Difficult choice...
My favourite in suspension vintage forks ? RS1

As long as you bring the skewers in the car with the bike. ;-)
How are you Pierre? G


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FAT BOI & Box Crown forks for rigids, with upgraded Manitou 1,2 & 3 for early sus builds. Always found RS too flexy.


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Not sure if it's 'Retro' enough but I will go out of my way to find Rock Shox SID XC's when every I can, especially the blues.🥰


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I have rode everything from rigid alu forks to 8 inch custom tuned DH forks and lots inbetween. For me the ride is just as much about the involvement with the terrain. I learnt to ride the terrain on rigid and thats where i feel most connected and involved. camscanner for pc jiofi.local.html
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