What is it with Judy paint flaking - and a Q about resprays


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Even back in the day I remember a friend with a Judy XC from new (the cream painted ones with red highlights) where the paint was falling off the brace and lowers after less than a year's riding. My current quest for a set of gold XC's is just turning up pairs that look an absolute mess - paint flaking and bubbling everywhere. I can only assume that Rockshox weren't brilliant at the finishing for the Judies - which is weird as Q21's that I've seen from the same era (and even some later Indys) look much better.

Has anyone sanded back theirs and resprayed - either a home spray rattle can paint/lacquer, or professionally?

I'd be tempted to have it done professionally to match the frame colour - would be interested if anyone had any prices from when they'd done it?