What can kill the looks of a bike for you?


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Whats your pet hate? Been done before but always interesting :LOL:

I'll start with Panaracer coloured tyres, give me the boak :twisted:
them big stupid "the" mudgards that you sometimes see on recent downhill bikes.

a crud looks ok, but i hate them big stupid things. :D
The most common disagreement I have is when people can't set their bikes up.
It's not the components fault that the saddle is all the wrong angles, or the bars not as they should be. How many people simply can't choose the right size frame?
Aesthetics are relative, but form should be a given.
That is the greater crime.
I never liked mudguards on both front and back wheels, it just make it look like a motobike than a bike :roll:
Frames the size of farm gates.

One spoked wheel & one non spoked wheel, IE: one Spin & one normal wheel (Diskdrives excluded obviously).


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