Wanted Wester Ross, 23"+


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Some time around 1986 I was touring my Carlton Corsair in the NW highlands (possibly doing the Applecross peninsular) when I crossed paths with a fellow tourist on a very fetching green bike. Naturally, I asked him about it and he recounted that it was a Wester Ross and it's many attributes. I was amazed that it was built at Aultbea and how advanced it's quality was and since then, I've hankered for one. SO... if anyone out there has one that they may consider parting ways with I would undertake to cherish and care-for. My Corsair is a 25.5" frame and perhaps slightly high as I'm 5'11" but I like a largish frame for long-distance touring. My Corsair was bought new from the Aberdeen Cycle Centre (King Street) in 1981, you can see that for a 42yr old it has been kempt...


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I’ve got a nice original-condition large Wester Ross touring frame I’d be willing to sell. I’ll send photos and specs in the morning. Including the original job sheet for the build.

Meantime here’s a great wee film featuring John Connell and Fergus Forsyth
Thank you for your reply Sir WS, I look forward to your offering. I have perused the video many times...
Frankly, I expected my enquiry to fall on stony ground given their scarcity. Best Regards.
Here’s some photos as promised. You can see from the original job sheet it was custom built for an Andrew Jobbings and all the dimensions are there. It measures as a 24” frame. Original paint, built for touring with all the right braze-ons and designed for 27 x 1 1/4 wheels. Rear spacing is currently 121mm.

A lovely mustard yellow colour presumably chosen by the original owner.

Paint and chrome in good condition with a few chips and scrapes as to be expected. No dents or dings.

Shimano ends and Campagnolo cable guides.

Comes with headset, hanger, lamp bolt, seatpost binder bolt, dropout adjuster screws and Stronglight bottom bracket.

As you can see the headbadge says Lythe rather that Altbea, being one of the later ones built in North Yorkshire.

Frame number 367, built by Fergus Forsyth.


Let me know if you’d like any more photos or information.