Washer on the drive side of Shimano UN300 BB?


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HI guys,

I just got a new bottom bracket for my Peugeot and I noticed there is a washer on the drive side of the axle. I can't imagine what the purpose of such washer is. Do you know?



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According to SJS Cycles it is a limiter. I'm guessing it's to stop the chainset going too far on to the spindle and having a chainring rubbing on the chainstay. Somebody asked the same question on the SJS web page linked, "Plastic/Metal Ring On Axle".


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So presumably with this in place, if you can't get your crank to tighten on the taper it's deemed "worn out" and they suggest you purchase a new one? As opposed to a "lesser" BB without the washer, where if you find your inner ring grazing the stay (because it's been worn/abused/overtightened over the years but not rounding out) you just go to a slightly longer BB axle to space it out again...