Wanted WANTED - Triple Butted Kona Project 2 Threaded


Retro Newbie

I'm beginning the process of restoring a 94 Explosif. Although I have the origional shocks I'd also like to have the option of running a rigid forks.

Hence I am after a pair of Project 2s, Triple Butted with threaded 1 1/8th steerer, min length 145mm.

Also after a few of other bits inc:

XT rear mech - M739 8 speed
XT rear cassette 11-28 8 speed
Shimano SG-X chain rings - 110BCD
O-Beam decals

Many thanks,



Rocky Mountain Fan
I just pick up some project 2's and velocity stems- I know they're both 1 1/8- one threaded, one not. They're near NOS, maybe early take-offs. Pm me if you're still in need. I believe the date stamps on them are 1995 and 1996.