Wanted Wanted Raleigh Apex

Dan Gleesac

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Hi all, on the look out for an Apex, ideally restored, as a birthday gift.

Let me know if you have anything.

Thanks 🤞🏻
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Dan Gleesac

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Thanks for the heads up, it’s cool. The reason for the apex is it’s the same bike from when we were kids, looking for some nostalgia.



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Hi, yes the MTB with the K2 with the purple / pink frame. Flexible on size, guess the rider would be 5’7”?

Ok, got you now 👍🏻

I’ve got two, but I’m 6’3 so neither of mine will work for you! I have mine for the same nostalgia reasons :)

Keep looking, they surface fairly regularly so I’m sure one will pop up soon 👍🏻

Dan Gleesac

Retro Newbie