1. J

    Raleigh Equipe Drive chain Recommendations?

    Hi all. I'm hoping to get some advice on my planned drive chain upgrade on my 80s Equipe. I currently have a 14-24T rear freewheel and i'm planning to change this to a 13-32T SACHS Maillard to help on my longer tours across the hills of England. As with most upgrades its a bit of a chain...
  2. joglo

    Catalogue 1994 Raleigh Catalogue - USA

    Raleigh 1994 Bicycle Buyers Guide
  3. joglo

    Catalogue 1994 Raleigh Dyna-Tech Catalogue

    Raleigh Dyna-Tech Mountainbikes 1994 catalogue
  4. joglo

    Catalogue 1994 Raleigh Catalogue - German

    Raleigh "Back To Future" catalogue with full model portfolio incl. M-Trax, Torus and Raleigh USA models for Germany. Plus Tech sheet and price list. (A lot of the listed bikes are junk and the portfolio with different brands, lines and models is very confusing)
  5. O

    1990 Raleigh Montage (first retro MTB)

    Evening all! I picked up what I think is a 1990 Raleigh Montage a couple of months ago, very much on a whim, as my first foray into the retro MTB world. It looked in pretty good nick and I loved the light blue colour, so for £20 I thought why not. I was pleased to discover that it was rideable...
  6. M

    Raleigh nitro re-build

    hi guys, new here. ive rencelty got my hands on a Raleigh nitro to do a rebuild on. my bike was stolen recently and I've wanted to build a retro mtb for some time. so here it goes. I know its heavy but I don't mind, I'm used to little or no gears as i usually have road bikes. in my mind I...
  7. J

    How much are my Raleigh Magic and Raleigh Extreme kids bikes worth please? (pics in thread)

    Both in reasonable condition, fully working, but could probably do with some chrome restoration!
  8. C

    1980s Raleigh Richmond Lady Road bike, with Reynolds 531 mixed frame

    1980s Raleigh Richmond Lady Road bike, with Reynolds 531 aluminium mixed frame, in black with gold lettering and original bicycle pump in black with gold lettering and original bicycle pump. I bought this from Covent Garden Cycles in 1980. It was expensive then but the owner said with the TI...
  9. DynaCol

    Catalogue 1991 Raleigh Dyna-Tech Catalogue

    Scan of 1991 Raleigh Dyna-Tech catalogue, bit chewed in one corner but otherwise 35 pages of Dyna-techy goodness
  10. C

    A Sentimental Build - 90's Raleigh Mantis

    So this is my girlfriends bike, formerly her nans which has sat in the garden for the better part of a decade. She wanted to get it going again and so here it is, with lots of bits from the parts bin. All things considered it wasn't in too bad condition, apart from the cranks that were...
  11. C

    Sold Raleigh Dyna-Tech TITANIUM + Steel frame QUANTUM 1992 – Special Product devision

    early rare bonded frame with titanium main tubes and 31year old colorful decals on them. rear end is steel. dynatech seat post incl. all threads good. asking 365€ obo plus shipping. i'm happy to parcel anywhere you want ;)
  12. K

    Raleigh Diablo 1993 complete bike

    Hi there, I'm a newbie here and to be honest don't know so much about bike! I bought this lovely bright Raleigh Diablo two years go and now would like to pass it onto a new home as soon as possible. Please see the photos for parts and condition of the bike and do get in touch if you have any...
  13. C

    Raleigh Dynatech Quantum Titanium 45cm from 1992 with bonded ti tubes

    this bike is collecting dust in my place. i'm trying to gain space but i'm insecure about the value – either complete with all that dx stuff or frame only. what price range would you see for this? sry for the bad pictures, i can take more mid of next week. found this ad in the archive. thx so far 👋
  14. LondonClassic

    Very clean '85 Raleigh Road Ace

    On Ebay Always loved these. The seat stay/clamp design is pure sex. Looks to be low miles.
  15. F

    Wanted Looking for Raleigh M-Trax 700

    I had a Raleigh M-Trax 700 in burgundy back in the 90's that I loved but was stolen from me. If anyone knows of a 700 for sale please let me know. Colour doesn't matter, but would be amazing if it was the same.
  16. Z

    Tomac Merlin / Raleigh re build article on Radavist… just posting in case missed it

    https://theradavist.com/1991-raleigh-john-tomac-signature/ 14 accounted for … how many owned by Retrobike members ?
  17. L

    Raleigh Royal 71, 126

    I have acquired a Raleigh Royal to which I am now trying to fit suitable new parts. I found out that the BB is 71mm, 26TPI and the axle for this is 126.5mm long (stamped 5S). If I keep the BB in place it still has a 126mm axle and I'm not sure which crank would fit for the chain line to go...
  18. D

    For Sale Retro Raleigh Dyno Tec Voyager Curve Special Division Mountain Bike

    From Raleigh's special division The Much Sought Retro Dyna Tec Voyager Curve 21.5 inch frame 26 inch wheels 21 speed gears Full shimano exage group set This bike is very little used and is starting to show its age The Tyres are perished and still holding pressure The bike is fully working...
  19. KAJS3489

    ⚪🔵Dynatech Diablo STX UGLI Ti (Limited Edition???) ⚪🔵

    Good morning all! I've managed to acquire this very pristine looking Dynatech Diablo STX in turquoise/blue. I've had a few outings on it, approximately 40 miles since Sunday and GOODNESS me, it's very smooth, even with the original components. So, all STX, I'm changing the cantis for Vs at...
  20. Bike Creatively

    Reduced Final reduction to just £155! 1989 Raleigh Technium The Chill XL/22.5 inch Rare Retro/Vintage Mountain Bike

    For sale is this fully restored classic late-eighties mountain bike that was way ahead of its time with straight forks, 6061-T8 Aluminium Main Tubes thermal bonded to a steel rear triangle with wishbone seat stays and a steel headtube. Also the rear brake cable on this 31-year-old frame is...