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I just got a 979 with serial number E038376 does that make it a March 1978 model? Or a 79 model built in 78? It has mostly Spidel parts and the Vitus decal on the fork is different than the others I have seen. The front wheel is missing, the ones pictured in the first photos are spares so I could ride it around the neighborhood, It has a Mallard Heliomatic rear with a Mavic GP4 rim.


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Have a good read here: ... s-979.html

I think Peter Kohler is on here, pretty sure I read that article on here first.

It's not 1978 because they weren't made that far back. It's pre-1986 because it has the pinch bolt seat cluster (be careful not to over-tighten that). It's post 1980-because it has internal cable routing. Serial number goes something like E = ???, 03 = 1983, 8 = August, 376 = 376th frame that month.

Earlier forks didn't have mudguard eyes, but one of the later catalogue scans on there show it as an option to have no eyelets. I think the second set of bottle bosses on the seat tube may have been optional as well, or added later. I just checked both of mine, which were 1987 and 1984 frames and neither of them had eyelets or seat tube bottle cage bosses. Your Vitus decal is the same as my earlier one was, also a black frame.

I miss mine now, I want another one!

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Digging back into my memory I remember seeing ads in trade magazines in the late 70s or early 80s where Bador were pushing the benefits of using Rivnut bottle cage bosses.

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I think mine is an '86 and it has the same seat bolt. A lot of info. on these frames in the 'Bonded Bicycle' thread.

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