Kona Fan
This is the first time Ive dealt with the guy but it wont be the last, I bought a
expensive frame which arrived beautifully wrapped and quickly. Was as described,
comms were second to none, very fair guy to deal with, brilliant :D

Trade with confidence you wont be disappointed ;)
I bought a PRST from Mike and not even, that he was always there for my questions about that stunning frameset, he was also looking for a reasonable courier who was willing to pick up from him and ship to Austria, also he was advising me about the bobbins and he was helping me sourcing them from a UK shop and have them sent to him, so he can include them to the parcel with the frame. Also he was offering me to shorten one of the axle of the bobbins at a friend of him to the right lenght - what a service :cool:
Needless to say that when the parcel arrived, in very fast time, the parcel was spot on packed, each part in bubble foil, with full documentation and a bag full of spares. :D After unpacking I was not surprised, that all of the parts had been cleaned and lubed where neccesary - truly stunning. cheers mate, really appriciate your assistance and help. I'm sure we will stay in contact after that deal :)
Sold some brakes to this chappie. He payed promptly, and let ,me know they'd arrived safe and sound.
Top chap to deal with!
Bought a lovely Pace stem from Mike.
Well packaged, item as described and excellent communication.
Thanks Mike.
Mike bought some QR skewers from me, paid fast and told me when they arrived. Great guy to deal with :D
Today I received from Mike via Parcelforce a medium suitcase sized card box.

The box had Tardis like properties, since it contained a very sexy set of hope brakes, a complete Whyte PRST-4 frameset, a pile of spares, and enough bubble wrap to keep Amazons despatch warehouse going until well after Christmas.

The parts, all individually double wrapped in protective bubbles, were all damage free and exactly as described. Parcelforce would have needed to run it over with one of their trucks to damage it (Unlikely, but not something that would surprise me...).

Negotiations were harmonious, and indeed despite our cultural differences Mike and I dealt amicably. The problem is that I am of East London/Essex origins, and as such have a genetic predisposition never to pay the asking price for anything except in the most extreme circumstances. Mike is Scottish, and thus allergic to haggling. ;)

Not that this bothered him in the slightest, in fact he was kind enough to offer me a sample of his homemade preserves when I cheekily asked if I might be able to reduce the price by a tenner;

velofrog":2lnv8py8 said:
you're haggling with a scotsman, you want jam on it too.....??!! ;)

Seriously, this guy is as cool as they come. Easily one of the most accommodating and impressive sellers I've come across in years of buying second hand stuff off of total strangers. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from him again.