Value of Gijs van Tuyl mystery bike...


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... Well, I *think* this is a Racing Feather, late 80s, but not completely sure...

As far as I know Van Tuyl mainly bought his stuff from elsewhere (especially Andrea Pesenti) then sold it under his name.

The seller describes it as having Columbus SLX tubing, which is obviously nice. In addition, Shimano 600 (2x7 indexed; a bit less nice), Mavic wheels (type?) and a Rolls saddle (might be original, but I'm not bothered). Curiously, the seller describes the bike as a Koga Miyata -- perhaps to attract buyers (as more people will have heard of Koga), or maybe because there's evidence that they built this one?

Bearing in mind these uncertainties (I will ask the seller for more info) I would be curious to know what sort of value this bike might have. They want around £275 for it. Condition is described as good though not perfect, with a few small blemishes in the paint (visible especially in the two last pics) and some small pits in the chrome that a good polish would sort out; no actual dents or scratches.

I've been looking for a (very!) large framed steel bike for some time, and this one is up for sale, along with the Pinarello I'm investigating as well at the moment: ... p;t=270202

The Pinarello is a good bit more expensive than the Van Tuyl by the way...


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Update: the seller did indeed use the term "Koga Miyata" to get more people to view the advert. Quite possibly Italian made then.


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Race Scene at Barnsley used to sell Van tuyl bikes - they may still do?. they may be able to help


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At that price, it's a steal if the frame is SLX - that's cheaper for the whole bike than most SLX frames are going for on eBay.