Replace crankset or crank arms?


Dirt Disciple
I was just about to head out on my 1986/1987 (?) Gijs van Tuyl Racing Feather (see first pic below) when the left pedal (BLB Classic City Sealed) came off. On inspection it had quite a bit of thread from inside the crank arm wrapped around it... I am not sure how this has happened, but I suspect that the pedals may perhaps have been put on the wrong away around :shock: Needless to say it's been impossible to screw it back on.

Having done some reading I suspect I need a new crankset: Shimano 600EX FC-6207 (see pics for the one on my bike below). I'd prefer NOS obviously, though I'm sure I'll need help from Santa and his elves to find me one.

My LBS has warned me that other parts of the drivetrain, like the chain and the freewheel, might not take well to a possible new crankset, in which case I might be looking at replacing the rest of the drivetrain too. I was wondering whether if that is indeed the case I might be better off trying to source new crank arms, so the chainrings can remain the same.

In case you're wondering, I've not removed the right pedal yet to inspect the thread in the right crank arm but may be able to do that later today.

Curious to hear what other members' views may be as to the best solution?



Dirt Disciple

Thanks Big Cheese :D

Yes, entirely possible. There's one guy working there who is really into old bikes, which is why I've used them a few times in the past, but the one I talked to today is probably more of a modern Trek bicycle salesman...

I might get that chainset but am actually also wondering about having the left one drilled out and a Helicoil put in, as the other pedal seems fine. That said, a decent used crankset may hardly be more expensive, and I could always keep the right-hand side components of it as spares in a box and just use the left crank arm for now.


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Hello there,
I have the suitable LH threaded helicoil repair kit for the pedal thread.
Cheaper than a replacement chainset...£20 + postage for the repair.

All the best.