Wanted Updated: Dura Ace 7400-7403 Parts - Vintage Aero Profil Rims - Campagnolo 9 Speed Carbon


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In case you didn't know 1055 are 7 speed, you need 1056 which seem to be unnecessarily more expensive than 1055s.


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After a few more things.

Looking for a Dura Ace 7400-7403 Groupset in mint or very good used condition for an Aende I am due to receive after the bank holiday. Here is a list of exactly what I need in order of preference -

7403 8 Speed Hubs - Depends on rims but atm looking at 32h then 36h
7402 8 Speed DT shifters
170mm Crankset - 52-42 would be ideal
Dual or Single Pivot brake callipers
7403 Brake Levers
FD either style will do clamp or braze
Aero Seatpost 27.2mm


Looking for nos or again, very good used condition aero profile CLINCHER rims such as Campagnolo Omega etc. Wolber Profil, Mavic CXP12.
Ideally in anodized grey or black. Will also consider silver.


Also putting the feelers out there for Campagnolo 9 Speed parts, Record or Chorus please. The fancy ones where they put a bit of Carbon into the mix!

Would need shipping to London and would prefer to buy from UK.

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