Two classic frames NOW WITHDRAWN


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After much debate I've decided to let both of my vintage frames go, first on is a 25 inch (63cm) 1980 Mercian King of Mercia, stripped and professionally sprayed in two pack yellow /burgundy, genuine Mercian/531 Reynolds decals applied and then the whole lot clear coated.
The second is a 25inch (63cm) 1973 Fred Baker,a renowned racer from the fifties who opened a cycling business which is still open,finished in metallic blue and silver, once again stripped and painted using two pack, decals obtained from H Lloyd cycles ,genuine Reynolds 531 decals and again clear coated.
Theres Tange headsets fitted to both along with NOS tange cup and cone bottom brackets ( no axles),both have seat posts and stems. The Mercian has Shimano 600 Arabesque derailleurs and shifters, the Fred Baker NOS Shimano Titlist derailleurs and shifters. Both have new leather Selle saddles,the Mercian brown,Fred Baker black.
Theres also several sets of 70's /80's brakes,GB,Shimano,Weinmann,etc, also two sets of 700c wheels,nothing fancy, but period and other odds and sod, cranksets,handlebars,freewheeels etc.
Really love both of these frames but just can't see me finishing them and prefer MTB's, they're just hanging up in the garage looking pretty.

Would take £400 for the lot ( it cost me £350 to get both refinished) or prefer to swap the lot for a decent large MTB.
Plenty of pictures on request,just PM Email address and I'll send some over.



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Re: Two classic frames

Ohhh. 25 just a tad too big, love the clean lines of the Baker. GLWTS. And there are 2 MKM’S in shot too :)


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Hi Foreigner
I'd like to keep both frames and parts together, it took a while to find the bits and if they do eventually go it would be as a job lot. Had a few enquiries but not as many as I thought, I suppose the size limits the amount of riders they'd suit.


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I know it says withdrawn, but any chance you are still looking at selling these? At 6ft5 it's not often frames come up here in my kind of size, but these are awesome!