Withdrawn "Tri-Color Polka Dot" Custom painted Carrera Vulcan 20" 2010 7005 Al frame - £45


Dirt Disciple
"Tri-color Polka Dots" Custom painted Carrera Vulcan 20" frame.

I have recently painted a few frames, and this was a test frame which I used to work out the technique I used. Originally part of a job lot of frames I bought, this one was too big for me, so I've always planned to polish or paint it and sell it on. I got asked to do a Polka Dot bike, and this gave me an excuse to use it as a test.

Blasted back to bare metal, coated with anti oxidiser and then painted with Montana Gold colours, Citrus, Lime and Shock Blue. Dots masked it was then coated with S5000 Shock Black. It was then lacquered with Spray.Bike Gloss clear.Overall I was very happy with the results, a couple of the dots lifted and bleed but over all it's a great result! See the pictures.

I include a new derailleur hanger and I've put bolts in the bottle cage holes too.

  • 51cm bottom bracket center to seat tube top (20" frame)
  • 59cm head to seat tube centre lines
  • 13cm head tube.
  • 31.6mm seat tube inner diameter
  • 43.7mm head bearings
  • Frame number - AA00310485 - all clear on https://www.bikeregister.com/bike-checker
I’d like £45 or there about for it. It’s located in SG5, will courier or possibly deliver if it’s not too far.


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