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I've, um, I've bought a road bike.

It's a really nice Raleigh Touriste, I am thinking '90 because it has Exage kit on it, and Biopace chainrings. Nice 531 frame, good brakes by Dia-Compe and even decent tyres.
It needs some work, but all the bearings - headset, BB, wheels and running smoothly. And it's light, and feels great to ride. Paint is really good too.
This is the first grown up road bike I have owned for 93ish. I have a 91 catalogue and the Touriste shows up in that but in a different spec and colour.
Can anyone point me to some more info?

Oh and does anyone make Gravel bars that will fit?



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Just curious: why don't the current bars work on gravel? Other than the brake levers having been mounted in a, erm ... , unfortunate position, I see little wrong with them.

Nice find, BTW. 👍
Thanks: nice chap sold it on FB marketplace. They probably are fine but I like the flared position on Gravel bars ( as you say, aside from the positioning of the brake levers ) basically I am just being contrary.