Today's Ride

Spent most of the weekend finishing up my Breezer Storm and doing some general maintenance on various bikes before I knew it it was 6pm of Sunday and I realised I had not even been for a ride - this happens too often - I need to fix this! Took the Gwerch for a 15km spin around the park. Easily the lightest bike I own, but not really built for off road!! So, took it easy. IMG_4510.jpeg

Sunday was sunny, although clouded up a bit for my ride. - 19C coolish for June, but at least it wasn't raining as it has done so much in the UK this year
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Solid blue skies and golden sunshine. 2-3mph S draft. 11-12 degrees. Lots of dew with hero dirt in the right places. It doesn't get much better than this around here 🙌 👍


a couple rides without post-worthy pics past since my latest contribution. the peak of this tendency (till now) is the SS ride of today, which was so 'zen' that I totally forgot to take any pics. ☺️

so this made at home 🙃


also, I manged a few 'test-ride' a pair of Kyote bars attached to my 45650B (have another pair on my Ronin).



First climb of the day at Llandegla. Lap of the green to warm up, lap of the blue, then after a quick coffee a lap of the red (which killed me on the technical climbs - Julia's Trail?).

It was cold, drizzly, with not much wind. Sadly no views of distant mountains or fantastic vistas.

One of the hills that defeated me;

Eaten away by e-bikes by the looks of it.
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