Today's Ride

Todays ride, 28 miles total, went everywhere locally in a big loop
Pics are 50/50 phone and gopro

I set the tone for the rest of the ride by starting with the bit that’s usually under water 366 days of the year
That tone being “damp”
That is a state funded bike trail btw
And they’re paving an earlier section of it for some reason even though that section is fine, but this section is under water

I crossed a really sketchy bridge where the ties were crumbly
If you step on them wrong they splinter and then you die

And got to here for a cool break

And then wandered into the woods where I found a woodchuck
Nice ride to Faversham today. There was a nip to the wind early on but the temperature was up to about 20°C by late morning: perfect cycling weather.

Faversham was packed. Too busy to even wheel a bike through. Probably due to a classic car show in the town centre, so I headed to a nearby park to wolf down most of a bag of chocolate chip cookies while watching some sweaty joggers who looked they were trying to shed a few pounds.
not like usual... after 6kms of riding and 20min waiting for the storm to pass under a tree ...

664b72c32de8e22f4c7745eb.jpg really didn't looked so wrong, but it enden up an hour walking and sliding back home in the mud... :confused:

...because the wheels were blocked by the mud...

(pic above was taken before things gone really awful. later I wasn't too keen to make photos)

halfway home facing the next round of rain...

fortunately I got home before it arrived.