Today's Ride

Took out the old faithful Rockhopper for my first ride since smashing up my ankle, a leisurely 15 miles along the Blandford Trailway. A slow ride but a rides a ride eh 😎

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The Trailway is a fun but can get a bit busy at either end. Mostly dog walkers who don't seem to understand the concept of sharing outdoor space with cyclists. The railway is going to extend northwards, a bit, which will be a nice. Maybe new track down this year?
This is not the thread for it.. so i'll say my peace but let's not let this turn into pages and pages of ranting.. thanks.

The amount of little bags full of dog shit i spotted on Sunday, just left on the ground on Stanage Edge was a fkin disgrace! .. the litter i spotted amounted to a total of.. one can of monster energy drink, a bottle of wine with a can of something or another at the side of the road and without exaggeration no less than 60-70 bags of dog shit.. it was everywhere, there was 3 flipping bags at the trigpoint :mad:

The scection of road between Burbage and Stanage has flattened bags of dog shit all over it.. where folks have taken it back to their cars then lobbed it out of the car window on the way home.. other cars have run over it compressing it into the road.. i appreciate a lot of people who should never rightly own a dog, bought one in lockdown but come on people, you go there because it's beautiful.. let's try and keep it that way!
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singlespeeding this day too :)




Great looking trail (love the “mount doom” 2nd photo 😎) Blackthorn out and lots of verdant trail side greens (comfrey?) whereabouts is it?