The Unofficial Official Photography Thread...


Retrobike Rider
It's been done before here and there and so I thought I'd start this and make it a sticky. A sort of collective area for us all to share our images and questions and ideas...

Let's see how it goes.

All I would say, is unlike me below (I didn't really nick them...), please don't nick pics and upload as it can get us in trouble, and it's wrong anyway.

I thought I'd start it off this time with a look at one of my peer's amazing architectural photographs I have just swiped from his site.



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and a few he has done at night I thought I'd share after the amazing reaction to the 'Nocturnal' PoTM. :cool:


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This is one of my favorite photo's from this year taken through the windscreen of a moving car on boxing day morning at just gone 9am, in north Devon and at temperatures heading towards -20 in the frost hollows.

The image is unedited other than being squeezed by photobucket when I uploaded it.


It's more impressive at its native res :(
My Bianchi Krono,

i think it contains a nice object and photography skills :)


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I'm still quite pleased with this one:

344_4482 by MikeDavis, on Flickr

It's a bit of a cheat -- with the climber and valley bottom exposed right the sky blew out, with detail retained in the sky the climber/rock face was virtually a sillhouette. So I took two shots, one exposed for the foreground, one for the sky and then merged them in Photoshop later on. Kind of tricky because I was hanging off a couple of rungs attached to a sheer face at the time, so getting both frames sufficiently close to be able to later put one on top of the other involved a fair bit of luck ;)

This one's a bit of a favourite too:

CRW_1364 by MikeDavis, on Flickr

Right at the edge of the woods, low sun, single remote flash low down and to the right (pretty much pointing straight back at the sun) to fill in the shadows that would otherwise obscure the rider's face. 1/100s exposure and a few tries to get the timing right.
Taken from the rear of Mont Blanc in summer


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Coming back to this country, picture taken from Tryfan area in Wales


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