The other "HOW MUCH IS MY xyz WORTH" thread for 98


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Due to what would seem to be popular demand we've decided to setup a thread dedicated to "How much is my old bike/parts/hat worth?"

If you have a vintage/retro item and would like to know the value my suggestion would be to look back through the classifieds here and browse back though ebay.

If you really have no idea then post in this thread here ONLY. "How much" threads elsewhere will be deleted or locked.

We'll let this run and see how it goes. If you get an answer you don't like don't come running to the mods ;)

If for some reason you feel the need to comment on the validity of how much threads please do so here.


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I have just picked up a Santa Crux Heckler X ('99) in an attempt to relive my youth!

As a result my Specialized frame will be going begging. Any idea what it might be worth? Paint is in decent nick for the year. Shock is ok however would probably benefit from a rebuild. Bushes creak sometimes so I guess would ideally need to be replaced although it is still smooth.

Frame only, same model and colour scheme as below (cannot post links yet!)



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2008 Specialized epic comp, full bike. Standard apart from running an XT M770 chainset and modern XT SPD's.

Overall good condition, ends of grips scuffed up from leaning against walls/floors etc.

Cost £1750 in the summer of 08, what am I quoted for the spring of 2011?


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Hi folks. So, I found the right place for this now! I joined the forum a few months back and have since moved house, have just found time to upload some photos of my C'dale. Sale needed to buy a new road bike. Shame, it was an 18th Birthday present but I simply don't use it any more. Have upgraded a few things over the years (Manitou Spider Forks, Azonic Bars, Stem, Deore crankset). Any clues on vlaue would be gratefully recieved, any sensible offeres too would be grand.

Size is 'Large', I think it's a 21" frame (!). The frame is in sound condition, it's been kept indoors all the time I've had it.

Let me know if I've missed any important information, I'd be happy to find out. I also have the original forks and bars.