The NW&NW Area: General Chat Thread

I'm looking to organise a Retro Road Ride in North Wales, probably in and around the Horseshoe Pass in April / May. Any dates to avoid for those interested in joining?
mrkawasaki":2hk2kbq6 said:
Ponderosa for luncheon??

Sounds delightful!

Can't do 23rd April (Tour of the Black Country) or 26/7th May (stag do!), otherwise it's looking pretty good at the moment...
mrkawasaki":1emkp7gz said:
Ponderosa for luncheon??

Yes indeed. Another option could be further towards the coast and have ice creams on the beach in Prestatyn. It does mean a 33% incline ascent back out on retro gearing though!
I'm thinking 5th or 6th May.

Hello. It's been a while hasn't it?

How is everyone?

Although it's never left me I'd like to rekindle my love for retrobiking. Any words of encouragement appreciated.

Also thinking of maybe organising a ride or two this year.