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Mr K

Look out and support your area events in 2010!
Fantastic, I think us North West area riders have needed a little nudge to get things organised. There are plenty of us and of those i've met they are all nice people and real characters.

A definate meet must surely be the Peaks meet (believed to be in the pipeline for the last weekend of September), Mr Kawasaki is the organiser and i'm sure details will be announced soon. For those unfamilar with the Peak district, last years ride was from the Hope Valley situated 30 mins from Manchester. Great riding and an ideal event for meeting retrobikers from around the UK.

Another great meet would be the Settle Cycle Festival, I went last last year and really enjoyed it. Did a very gentle 20 mile road ride in the morning, a couple of round the town centre bike races and then some excellent off-road riding in the form of the Settle Loop in the afternoon. Really well organised and enjoyable day. From memory it was in late September, i'll look out for some info but seem to remember it was the day before the 3 Peaks cyclo cross event.

I too would like to organise a ride for later in the year, but as i'm due to move house from Rossendale to the South Lakes I'm a bit busy at this time and would like to investigate my new trails before suggesting anything. I'll get back to you on this.

Racing wise i'd very much like to get a North West Retrobike Team together of all abilities. Next years Mayhem is a must and should there be sufficient interest we could put forward teams for local North West events such as the 'Hit the North' events.

In the meantime would someone like to make a meet suggestion?
I'd be up for a blast in the peaks. As long as there's plenty notice so I can sort a pass from the wife and kids (she's no cyclist).
Be nice to meet some of the fellas on here plus make me finish off my Zaskar for the occasion.
Keep us informed

Mike. :)
Happy to continue organising the Peaks, although a little reluctant to lead on the NW Area stuff (hence radio silence since the second coming of the Area Reps idea), as it's time for fresher faces than mine to come through.

Like Mark's idea of Area teams for Mayhem next year, that could really take off and be worth supporting. Perhaps we should put a few trophies up for grabs at the end of the year to promote recruitment in earnest...

As always, talk is cheap...!

Mr K
Peaks , shmeaks .

What about Rivington , Belmont and Darwen there are some great trails round that area .

Or what about a meet at Gisburn Forrest , that would be cool too .

I lived in Darwen all my life , jumped on the bike and was on the moors heading over to Rivvy , going west , and Rawtenstall going east .

I did it every weekend with my two other riding buddies (Dave M2000 , and the other Dave Zaskar LE purple anno )and then a few other lads came out with us , did it for ten years come rain , shine , hail and bloody deep snow too !

I now live in Fleetwood , dont have a car amd have to rely on my mates to get me over to gods own riding country .

I suppose all i am saying is , if you live near great countryside use it , dont abuse it , and never , ever take it for granted !

By the way i will try to get to as many ride outs as possible .

My Rock Lobster is nearly finnietoe'd , pics to follow shortly .