Tektro - any good?


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Does anyone have any information / experience / advice on this brake? Looks similar to a tri-align but doesn't have the brand kudos or (I am assuming) the engineering backup - are they a waste of time, or are they actually pretty good?


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Nothing wrong with these in my opinion. They perhaps lack the better quality hardware of more fancy brakes such as tri- aligns, but work as well as similar mid range offerings in my experience.

IIRC they also offered a RBP branded brake lever as well, if you wanted to go the whole hog.

I'm also a big fan of their higher range TRP stuff, so perhaps I'm a little biased!
Didn't know there were different ranges @mynchiboy ? So there is a TRP range?
Yep, TRP are essentially Tektro's modern high end offerings. I have a couple of sets of their v-brakes and I have been super impressed by them. They have Titanium hardware and very well made.

I believe the Marin Lite brakes that were OEM on 95-96 models were also the same as these RBP's more or less :)
I did note the similarity between these and the Marin Lite brakes.

So, do they work?
If they work as well as the Marin Lite ones, then they probably don't work well. At least that's my experience of a couple of sets of Marin Lites.
I've had some RBP V-brakes, and they were decent and actually worked
Nothing wrong but the quality of the trialign was much better, these are not as nice as that. But they are ok. Tri aligh front brakes has longer arms, they were near V brakes all are CNC, much nicer brake pad hanger etc. The were powerfull but a pain to dial properly.
That was going to be another question, actually - whether the different arm lengths on the tri-align made much difference and also, how easy were they to set up - I've seen a few people bemoaning the over adjustable nature of them making set up something you need to be an octopus for!