"Tech" brand bikes


Dirt Disciple
Has anyone got info on the brand "Tech"?

I picked up a Tech "Wild Thing" today. From what I can tell it is pre-93 - Deore XT components, canti brakes, 21 speed, double-thumb rapid fires...

I assume pre-93 because it doesn't match up well to bike-pedia's page on the Tech Wildthing. (True Temper tubing, not Tange OS). Bike-pedia only lists Tech as a manufacturer for 1993.

Searching on Google for combinations of "Tech Bicycle Wild Thing" has produced many irrelevant (albeit interesting) results.

Does anyone know of an alternate trade name? Did they go bust, or get absorbed by another brand?
Bikepedia doesn't go any further back than 1993 for it information for any bike as far as I know.

You need to post pictures (for making it easier and nice to look at and for my curiosity)
I did take some pictures - will post them shortly. My new-to-me camera does not like overcast light, so the colors are wonky, but you can see the frame geometry.

The brake cable is routed under the top tube; shifter cables are under the downtubes (roadie style). Rear dropouts are forged, vertical drops, steerer is 1-1/8 (haven't yanked the fork yet to see who made it, and when)

Anyone know when STI came into vogue? I recall having 200GS + STI on my old Norco Kokanee, but the buttons on the shifters were different and I had those awful plastic-covered levers / cantis. These look older (the cantis) and newer (the shifter pods) so I'm still not sure on the age.
OK, let's try some photos...


Tech "Wild Thing"



The chainstay protector says "designed by Cycle Tech Canada" so I assume the logo is a stylized CT.


True Temper AT - "All Terrain"?
STM-091/090 the push push 'RapidFire' where 1990 (2 finger went on to 1993 ?, 4 finger till 1991 ?)

I would guess 1990 or possibly 1991 then.
Groupset's all in keeping with these dates (incl the canti's)

That is if they are original to the bike.

P.S. If they have a window in the brake lever ST-M092 (I am assuming it's XT btw like the rest of the group as it has hoods on them) then its 1991 (last year 1993)
No window on the brake levers. I did see those on a Scott ECS I foolishly sold, though.

I also found this:


For the lazy: it's "who invested in what" in Canada in 1994. "CycleTech Canada Ltd., Calgary, AB" who "Distributes and sells bicycles, parts and accessories." - they received investments from "Mongoose Bicycle Canada Inc., Commack, NY, USA"

Interesting, if nothing else. I think Mongoose is now yet-another-recycled department store brand (like CCM or Huffy) but who knows now... also I don't know if that means Mongoose owned CycleTech or what.
There used to be (may be still) a Swiss company called 'MTB CycleTech'.

It may, or may not be the same company, or a link of some sorts.

Just some extra anyway...
I know that some Techs used 1 1/4" headtubes. A friend of mine had a Pro in 1991 that was stolen, and replaced it with an Ultimate that he still has. Both of them were Evolution headsets.

Also they had S-bend chainstays - they were Canadian Fishers.