Wanted Tatty bits, dispose them here!


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I like working. Who doesn’t? But i can’t really find anything bad enough to count as a “restoration” and if it’s just a service on something then if anything I lose money as I bought it more expensive as a vgc one because I’m an idiot.

I can’t remember if I’ve already done something like this… but if your looking to clear your parts drawer of clutter that’s just slowly evaporating back into the atmosphere then I would happily revive it then sell it for extortionately more than I bought it from you😂 (kidding I don’t really charge for labour)

Ermm I’m sort of looking for rusty things but not so rusty it has eaten halfway through the metal. I will be posting all the shiny things that I have restored in a different thread I will write in a bit, or I will just give up and know the real reason it was thrown in the bin in the first place.

Just can’t find tatty bits on eBay anymore as I think this throwaway culture just disposes of a perfectly usable m735 rear mech they just found in the loft because it makes a squeaky noise and has a spec of rust on it.

uh so yeah, I need to be entertained and I do that by endlessly rubbing a derailleur cage with 0000 steel wool for hours on end.
It just satisfies me🤷‍♂️

Can’t wait to see your tatty things…😆😆
I do have a short cage M735 RD laying around that I was farting about with myself. Parallelogram has lots of play, I've nicked the B-tension tab for summat else, the jockey wheels are missing chunks (and ceramic bushing in 2576 pieces, most of them lost) and the cage won't stay attached because the pivot has so much wear it pops past the stop. Also has minor rust (least of it's issues TBH!)

Sorry, couldn't help myself but you're not the only one who likes to attempt miracle resurrections of broken crap :D I actually was planning to try and repair the mech in question until it became apparent just how dead it is. I even tried to rescue the short cage on a tidy old LX but it's just too sloppy to work thus far!

I will though endeavour to get pics to show how bad, just for laughs.
Inner cage is even chewed from running with the chain off the jockeys for however long it takes to do this to a mech... On second look however I might just be able to salvage the cage with a judicious bend of the retaining tab, small victories!

Now someone post something worse they're genuinely trying to fix/at least salvage a couple of bits off! :D

Also, genuine apologies to @Mod-Master for instantly derailing (NO PUN INTENDED!) your wanted post. To clarify, this is a wanted post for rusty/tatty parts for MM to make pretty again.


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What's wrong with those bits you both have! ^..... they look like my dream starting point for parts...🤣

To start with most of the bits seem to be on the same continent.
As far as mine goes, nothing a set of jockey wheels won't sort out. Oh, and a new inner cage.... And new outer cage... And mech body... :D So basically the hardware and B-tension tab are usable, at a push.

Also, that Reflex frame is a beaut! What size is it?

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