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I recently obtained a 1988 frameset for a project, according to the previous owner it has Tange tubing, after measuring the tube diameters ( 31.8 top and down tubes and 28.6 seat tube) the closest tube set from Tange seems to be the Ultimate superlight, the seat tube is ovalised at the bottom bracket. Anybody any idea I've been going round in circles trying to figure it out.

Do you know what frameset it is?

Ultimate Superlight was around at that time, see the link below for more info...
http://www.equusbicycle.com/bike/tange/ ... at1997.pdf
To be honest it could be a mixture of tubes?

I know my 1994 Orange Prestige is made of Tange Ultimate Superlight MTB, and that has the settube ovalised where it joins the bottom bracket shell.
jump has miss read. 88 had no superlight just plain range and range prestige tubings iirc. of course it could be any number of manufacturers. put pics and serial codes up.
if its ovalised at the bb it could well be a mid to late 80's fisher. a photo would help. and if it is tange prestige does it have a u brake under the chainstay? that could be a procaliber from 1987 in which case give me your address so i can come and steal it please
It did indeed come with a Shimano XT M733 U brake fitted, i got the frame, forks, U brake and stem/seatpost.
Serial number is printed on the seat tube near the bottom bracket and says DS81 200480,under the bottom bracket is stamped AD and there is what seems to be a C embossed (is that the right word for raised?) on the rear drop outs.
The forks are spinner,(they have the small bird logo as well as saying spinner), and are stamped 1988 CR-MO (this part i can guess!) 21.25 x 27.
I was guessing either early Diamond back or indeed Fischer as it has the external butting at the top of the seat tube and has double bottle cage mounts on the down tube ala Diamond back.
I'll put photos u as soon as i get the rest of it stripped.
You'll probably not be able to tell between the various normal Tange tubings and the Prestige range of tubings. Ovalising at the bottom bracket was done on both, well at least in the turn of the 90's. But it would be the higher Tange versions if not Prestige.
Weight would be the normal give away. The Super Tubing range was not around to ~1992

Going before my time though.
I would guess that the 27 in the fork number would be the 1" JIS crown race size, Now obsolete as 26.4 is standard.
The other number would be an absolute guess at the length in cm :LOL: though very long for a threaded.

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