Sold Spitting 85 Saracen conquest....frame and fork now sold.

£500 collected.
Bloody hell
I’m AMAZED that hasn’t sold. Lovely bike for sensible money.
I love the Deerhead gruppo - works awesome.
But I’ve never been into Saracen 😢
Without sounding like a vulture - I’d be interested in the pedals
Its now got its original pedals on , after i found a set.....those xc11 might ( might) come up for sale soon, so i will keep you informed. Probably between 100 and 125...posted when i sell.
Good Morning,

As per pm I'm offering asking price of £500 for the bike plus postage if you can box it to Northern Ireland. If i was closer I would collect it. I'll leave it with you. Good luck with sale in any event.