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Morning gents,

New the forum due to a recent purchase in form of a Stumpjumper Pro from 1992. Based in northern Italy.





I used to own mountainbikes in the past (Liteville 301 / Liteville 601 / Specialized Epic / Specialzed Demo / Santa Cruz SuperLight) but all of those were modern, full suspension and disc.

I plan on using the bike mostly as my go-to for when I'm out riding with my 13 year old son. I gave him my Bomtrack Outlaw to polish up his bike handling skills and I want to join him on something other than my dedicated road or gravel bike. For this reason, I'll be going with a less traditional build than most probably on this forum. I'll make sure to safely all the parts I'm potentially replacing as I do understand the value of original parts. Apparently this bike came with all the original parts although I'm not sure about the front and rear mech on this one. Then again, I know nothing about Suntour haha.

Spec list

- 3 x 7 Suntour Accushift shifters
- Suntour XC Pro crankset
- Suntour XCE rear derailleur
- Unbranded front derailleur
- Suntour 7s cassette
- Dia Compe cantilever brakes
- Dia Compe / Suntour brake levers
- Suntour XC Pro hubs laced to Specialized rims

The shifting performance is less than perfect as the chain's slipping on the middle cog. I'll need to check whether it's just the chain that's worn and needs replacing or also the cassette. In case of the latter, I found them quite difficult to find at anything close to a reasonable price.

If it does indeed turn out to be a royal PITA to find a replacement cassette, I might consider purchasing a used 3 x 9 XTR groupset instead.

Unfortunately, this would also mean I'll have to replace the wheels as I don't think the Suntour freewheel body will take the Shimano cassette.

To do

- remove and clean groupset
- inspect frameset and apply rust protection where needed ( there's a few small spots around the BB and on the bottom of the downtube)
- clean frameset and polish up the paint
- replace the tires with more road orientated ones (Schwalbe Billy Bonkers 2.1)
- replace brake pads
- replace chain (and potentially cassette)
- replace all inner and outer cables
- replace seatpost with Thomson Elite in silver (I prefer 0 setback)
- replace saddle for a Brooks C13 cambium
- replace foam grips with Brooks cambium grips
- ideally looking for some wider bars, might opt for something bullmoose-ish. I gave these a sanding down and a polish as they were scuffed at the top.

I'll get a pair of Silca ti bottle cage holders on there (now there's a King cage ti on there but only have spare) and I'll be using my favorite flat pedals - the Syntace Numbernine titan (which basically doubles the value of the bike haha)

Any input / suggestions, please feel free!
Could you fit a Sunrace freewheel? I use this one on a set of Mavic hubs, with XT thumbshifters and an XT rear mech. The index shifting works fine.


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The wheels come with a Suntour freewheel already. I just took the cassette off and it seems the 12T and the 11T cog were put on the other way around and it seems the jump between those two initial cogs was different than the remaining cogs.

I’ll try again tomorrow. I’ve picked up a new chain as well, the current one has some wear but isn’t gone. The cassette however has seen better days but I’m unsure how much tolerance a 7 speed cog has.

The current chain is slipping with the slightest bit of effort.

I’ll check out that link you shared, thanks a bunch.


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I've decided to order a new Suntour APII 11-24 cassette via Ebay, mostly because the rims and especially hubs are in very good condition and I'd like to keep it original if at all possible.

Based on the shape of the clamp it seems that the front mech is an original Suntour comp, the logo just vanished.
Tires came in, thought I ordered proper tan but it appears I ordered the bronze version instead. Either way, I like the look and a little less delicate in bad weather.

Cassette is definitely KIA so I’ll need to wait for the new one to arrive.


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Replaced the cassette / inner gear cables / bottle cages / saddle / grips and brake pads yesterday.

Frame has been treated with rust converter. Paint is not perfect but I'm not aiming it to be either. I'll be using the frame bag to store a lock / lights / tube / pump and jacket for when I'm out and about. Sizing of the bag is spot on.

I'm finally able to use the bike and can say I'm very pleased with the overall geometry and handling after a few runs up and down the street.

To do still

Replace outer cables
Replace brake cables
Replace seatpost with Thomson Elite