SPD shoes that you can actually walk in.


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FluffyChicken":1syhsqf0 said:
I'd have taken them back to Sports Direct.

I'm still using some Shimano MT52s PottyMouth (AndyB) gave me many moons ago.

When I go riding, I wear them to the pub, cafes, drive in them etc.
And ride the bike.

Yes rigid soles especially compared to the flexible Laldi types of the same era but I don't notice anymore and great on the bike.

Not waterproof of course, quite cold in the winter wind. But warm waterproof sock are for that.

Yeah, but lack of a receipt hindered that. I took it as a learning experience as I’m riding so much more now this kind of thing is aimed at the more infrequent rider where I’m out 3 times a week now.


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Shimano MT 81 ( I think ) now replaced with MT9, perfect for hike ya bike to top of mountain then blast back down , really comfy and reasonably warm , current pair about 5 years old now and done a lot of miles on foot in them .

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