Some sad news

Johnny Ragwort

Dirt Disciple
Just a short message to let people know that Alvin Smith - VCC marque enthusiast for Rensch-Paris and Major Nicholls, author of "Rensch and Paris Cycles" and avid collector of vintage bikes (and incidentally my wife's father) - sadly passed away suddenly on Tuesday morning. He was a very knowledgeable and friendly chap, especially where elderly bikes were concerned, and an all round good man, and I for one am going to miss him enormously: even though the bikes I tend to like are about thirty years too new for Alvin's taste, we could always find something to chat about in his workshop and I learnt no end of useful stuff from him over the years. Rest in peace, Alvin.

Apple Tree

GT Fan
I met Alvin a few times through the Veteran-Cycle Cluib and his interest in Paris- Rensch cycles. As you say, had great knowledge and a true enthusiast for older bicycles. A sad loss.