SOLD 94/95 Orange P7. SOLD.


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Re: Someone save my 94/95 Orange P7.

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I must admit that it may end up being more than I want to commit to financially at the moment.

I'll ponder some more if that's ok. I've been reading up and seems the old Specialized Rockhoppers and GT Zaskers are fairly nice too, so I may look around a bit first.
Thank you.

Mr Scruff

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Seems I noticed this one a little too late. Am in High Wycombe and do like a P7 (I have one already in 21”).

Will keep an eye on the eBay auction, £200 too rich for me but will see where it ends!


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Re: Someone save my 94/95 Orange P7.

What would be your highest bid?

I could always cut it short if you've got the funds.