For Sale SOLD 1991 Cannondale SM800 Beast of the East for sale in St. Louis, MO, USA

Hey, I had this bike for 25 years. My son borrowed it and it got stolen. I miss my chance to get this one. Any chance you could Facebook be the guy who bought it? See if I can beg him to sell to me☺️
You could tell him I have a 19 9220 inch M 800 red all stock. Also, I have a 1992M 700 pretty much all stock. It’s a 15 inch frame willing to use that as trade bait.
If anybody on this page happens to find 1991 SM 800 like this one. This was an 18 inch or. In 1991 they made 1820 and 22 inch frames. Mine was an 18 inch. Anybody hears about one of these, let me know, I had a lot of sentimental value in this bike. My late wife and I had a burley and we took our kids on a bunch of different adventures so it has a lot of sentimental value even though wouldn’t be the same idea that a lot. Thanks for hearing me out.
This bike has been stolen. The likelihood of it showing up on here for sale is slim to none, but I at least wanted it on record. In case it is recovered, purchased, or found by someone else, this bike was stolen from Busch Stadium Gate 1 in Saint Louis, MO on 7/13/24 1-4PM. I sold the bike to my friend who likes Cannondales a couple of months ago. He swapped out the pedals and put some of his accessories on, and rode it a few times with me on some group rides. He rode it to a Cardinals baseball game that day, and when he came out, the broken lock was in pieces where his bike used to be. If you happen to be in Saint Louis, and find this bike, please let me know.