For Sale SOLD - 1977 Peugeot U-08 5 speed - Reduced to £75


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I have for sale this rather nice Peugeot. Doing some digging on this forum and elsewhere it seems it is a U-08 from 1977. I got this from a shed clearance last year, cleaned it up, some light restoration and serviced it. It was a crusty around the bb so I had to sand that back to satisfy myself it was solid before doing anything else. Got all the rust off, treated with rust treatment and sprayed in with a close match to the paint. You can see this up close but it doesn't catch the eye. I left the rest of the patina as I think it adds character and keeps as original as possible.

Stripped, cleaned and regreased front hub, bb and headset (rear hub felt fine so didn't mess with it), replaced all the cables and bar tape. Decals are available on Ebay if anyone was minded to do a full restoration in the future.

Cool features on the bike include, wing nuts on wheel axles, Mafac Racer brake calipers, the original Peugeot leather saddle and the shop sticker from an old shop in Rushden

I haven't replaced the tyres, although they do need doing, as the new owner may want to stick with road tyres, or may fancy something a little more "gravelly". I have lowered my expectation on price to match the fact I haven't replaced tyres.

Seat tube measure 56cm centre to centre. I'm 5'9" and the saddle height in the pictures is set for me

I would like £75 for the bike, either cash on collection or paypal gift. I haven't looked at courier costs but if needed we can sort this out. I live near Faversham in Kent

Thanks for looking



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