1989 Muddy Fox Pathfinder

The most important part is that the frame, fork and paint are immaculate. If I have to effectively rebuild this entire thing with completely new parts otherwise, it’ll still be dope


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Using wiring harness tape to fix the cracks in the wheel discs

Wiring harness tape is very sticky, as it’s meant to adhere to dirty car wiring, and very flexible, far more flexible than electrical tape. It’s more like hockey tape but a finer weave and stickier.
So it keeps great contact around the curves of this. The fiberglass tape I have wasn’t flexible enough. I think just long straight cracks it would be the best choice, but for these stress spots around the valve hole, I needed something more flexible


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Well that was a waste of 25$
This was definitely taken apart and put together by someone who doesn’t know how to do either of those things. With the top jockey wheel being cracked, the tensioner assembly being on but set to the right with little to no spring tension

But then I actually get to installing it and setting it up and ran into a problem immediately, tell me if you can guess what it is

Yeah you guessed it, where’s the low limit stop?

Guess I’m running modern Shimano Altus on a bike from 1989, screw it
Don’t get me wrong, Altus is one of the least offensive designs I think you could put on a really old bike, it looks fine, it isn’t racey, it isn’t super edgy like adventX or anything, but it’s definitely not appropriate for the era

We’re gonna see if I can build a derailleur
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The derailleur body got lost in the mail, so I’ve ordered yet another M560 deraileur, and I’ll just use my parts from the first one to replace anything on the third one that needs replacement…

Anyway, cranks
These have stripped extractor threads on the non drive side and the extractor threads were tapped to 24mm, so I have to buy a stupid special crank puller if I ever want to remove it in the future but whatever
The taper surfaces are in good shape and the pedal threads are fine and I’m more concerned with those

Gonna go single in the front, ordered a 42t chainring to be in the middle of the 46 and 38
Touched up the paint and polished them lightly
1x7 done
I think I could go with a narrower bb, I used a 113mm one, but this could easily do 108, but it does all 7 fine like this
Shimano deore lx 560 cranks with a 42t origin8 chainring
Ignore that one slightly different chainring bolt, I totally didn’t snap one, definitely not
Ok finally, M560 derailleur and brand new old stock jockey wheels
Looks way nicer imo
Gonna touch up the paint and it’s done