so old MTB frame to gravel bikes? thoughts? pics oin page 4

Done the mtb to gravel conversion many times, currently have a '95 Kona AA and decided to stick with 26" wheels & a short-ish travel suspension fork, works well for me.
You'll know what road & mtb parts are compatible so just build it, ride it, and see what you think 👍🏻
ok so i finally got around to building the rear wheel for this gravel conversion, my thoughts initially are to do this as a gradual conversion, so the wheels are built and in the bike, i fitted Pirelli Angel DT tyres as frankly i didn't really want a gravel bike for gravel, i know that sounds dumb, but i want a gravel bike more as a utility bike for the road, hence those tyres, the other thing is i'm busy so fitting in rebuilding stuff for my self somethime takes time to find time if that makes sense.

so here are the wheels fitted, basically it's kind of like a hybrid, but having had a quick spin it feels really good.






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Just started a thread for my Orange

I tried this with a Kona Cinder Cone last year and had great fun getting it to work. The key for this build, given the long top tube, was finding the right stem and shallow-drop handlebars.


I'd love to build a retro/Gravel bike...I'm just taking my time and collecting any information here and there.
I'm sure your thread here will be a great help to myself and others 👍🏼
Here's a pic of a Sweet looking Gravel /retro Kona I came across.... Screenshot_20240527-150109.png
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