Show us your…. Shiny parts

Below a polished Shimano XT M730 crank arm dating from 1986. The condition was very similar to the unworked right crank. I did the entire process by hand, starting by sanding with a grit 120 all the way to 3000 (120-240-400-600-800-1200-1500-2000-3000). I probably could have skipped a few steps... After sanding I applied Autosol, that really did the job and brought in the shine. The entire process took me about 3 to 4 hours.

Go find a commercial buffer! If you can't easily find one, then find a metal plater, if they can't buff your parts then they'll know who can. Sad but true... Polished aluminum (not anodized) is soon going to get dull. The higher grade aluminum quicker and the "junk" slower. There are aviation coatings that will help... But "they" don't give the stuff away ($$$).