Show us your…. Shiny parts


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Sorry if this has been done before,

but I see a lot of people post pictures of bike parts in the “no rhyme no reason just one Retrobike pic per post” and unless you want to feel the undying wrath of @FluffyChicken then you better not press “send” on that picture of a Sachs chain.

this I propose a thread for people to show off their restoration work, Nos, desirable parts or some lovely patina. Please, no bikes, unless it is a bike frame.

If you have before and afters then Please show us

The shinier the better, I suppose I’ll start

Here is my polishing work on a suntour 5000 front and rear mech.

Please shoot😛

Oh I'm not against chains or retro part in the picture thread. You can post any image in there as long as it is retrobike linked, if I remember correctly

It's the fact it pictures only, no comments needed for the picture (no reason)
and no comments about the picture by others..., that stops the flow... stops the relaxed nature...
It's right there on the first post

No discussions, no comments, just pictures.......

The reason - just because

I'd temp ban you all if it could ;) 😂🤥

Anyway, I like the idea here BUT there is a whole forum section for this...

Just thought I'd mention that :)
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It’s nice to have it in one thread though.

I have been guilty of speaking in the nrnrjorbppp (abbreviation) it’s like a library…
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