Should I buy my first vintage road bike?


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I really hope you are just going to give the paint a wash and then a good coat of wax to protect as it is fantastic :cool: :cool: :cool:

That's my plan - i told the seller this and he thought I was mad :D

I'll look into the best way to do it - I'd like some of the original zing of the colours to be there but not loose the patina. There's bare steel to protect too.

There are plenty of members on here who have done this best ask when the frame is in your possession ;)


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Quick update - picked the Viking up. The seller is in his 70s and says he's going to stop tinkering with bikes and focus on the two that he rides. He insisted i took the contents of his spares boxes. :shock: There's some stuff I'll use and the rest can go to a bike project.

The Viking itself has been hand painted in places which may or may not add to the look - I'll post it up tomorrow and see what people think.


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