Wanted scrap frame with seized post


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Looking for a frame or a few frames,condition,brand,material etc etc totally irrelevant ,only stipulation is it must have a totally seized seatpost and that the post is still in one piece ie not chopped in an attempt to remove the post.no fork etc required.

Needed in order to help design a post pulling jig for my workshop.

Happy to pay postage and a little beer money up to £20 a frame posted,I am based near Melton Mowbray if anyone local has something..

Does it have to be a scrap frame?

I've got a frame with a stuck post, but I very much want to save it after the post is removed...
Doesnt have to be scrap no but in developing the rig its highly likely the frame will be heavily abused/damaged! I should be able to help when its up and running though 👍
Is there a reason you can't glue a seat post into a frame to achieve the same effect? Just interested in the process mainly (although I have a frame that's basically scrap without a stuck seaport if that's an option).
This is the rig a local guy built, video of him removing an alloy post very seized in my Gisnt MCM 990D:

📸 Watch this video on Facebook https://fb.watch/pnxsP_EQmh/?

Pathetic!.. it needs to make a satisfying 'pop' sound when it's extracted.. y'know that sound when you stick your finger in your mouth and pop it out of your cheek?.. it needs to make that sound!.. If it can't be be acheived by the post extraction alone then maybe a pre-recorded sound and a concealed speaker built in?